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Why Play Golf?

As players like Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and Graham McDowell have proved, golf is exciting to play, challenging and healthy and a great way to make new friends.


Like no other sport, it spans the generations and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Golf is different...

Golf is so different from other sports because:

    • There is so much variety within the game and no two rounds are the same - ever!
    • You can play the game individually, with others or as part of a team.
    • The golf handicap system means everyone can play as an equal.
    • Golf is great fun for girls and boys alike. It can be played equally as well by both.
    • It spans the generations - players can range from 4 years old to 70+
    • It is a great family game.
    • Every golf course is different and so there is always a new challenge in the next town!
    • It demands and promotes high standards of sportsmanship.
    • It allows you to make friends with other golfers wherever you play.

Golf is fun...
Golf is great fun too because:

    • It is a continual challenge.
    • It involves many skills and you need to combine power with finesse and accuracy.
    • It is great for meeting and making friends.
    • It provides opportunities to win prizes and competitions as your game improves.
    • You can play other courses and pit your skills against another challenge.
    • You can play in teams and with other players.
    • You can play on the same courses at the top players.

And golf is such fun because anyone can be a good golfer with the right guidance.

Golf offers range, variety
and thrills...
No other sport can offer such range and variety as golf and it can be the most thrilling game in the world - just watch Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia in action!

And some people still think golf is an old man's game - shame on them!

So what are you waiting for? Get in to golf!!

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