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YMG is for you too!

Even if you are already playing golf, you'll also benefit from joining the YMG Junior Golf programme

BE BETTER: If you're already playing golf, YMG will help you improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

The great thing about YMG is it teaches you everything you need to progress your game - the skills and the knowledge.

Improve your skills
You'll be coached in every aspect of the game by your YMG Golf Professional, with something new and exciting every week. You'll also look at the technical aspects of those skills, as well as learning new ways to tackle situations out on the course.

Rules & etiquette
But just as important, you'll learn all about the rules and etiquette that make the game of golf so fascinating.

Mental strength
Later on you'll also learn more about what it takes to become the best player you can, with guidance on how to stay healthy, fitness and how to approach the all-important mental side of the game.

So will YMG help to improve your golf game if you already play?

You bet it will.

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