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The exciting Young Masters Golf (YMG) Junior Golf Programme is the best way for youngsters like you to get into the great game of golf.

Golf is for boys and girls...

Developed by a team of highly experienced PGA Professional golfers, it is the ultimate solution for boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 14 years old who want to start playing golf or, if you already play, to get better.

The YMG Junior Golf Programme gives you the perfect introduction to golf by showing you everything you need to know to enjoy this brilliant game for the rest of your life.

Fun, fresh air and friends...

So whether you want to be like Tiger Woods and become the best golfer in the
universe, or you simply want to play a fantastic sport where you get loads of fresh air, have some brilliant fun and make lots of new friends, then YMG and golf is for you.

Everything you need...

With YMG, you'll discover all the different shots you'll need to know and how to play them. You'll find out about the fascinating rules and etiquette of golf and why they make the game unique. And you'll also be taught by highly trained Golf Professional golfers who know how to help you get the very best possible start in golf.

Lots more too...

There are other benefits to being part of the YMG Junior Golf Programme too, such as invitations to play in brilliant YMG tournaments such as the YMG Junior Masters.

Get into golf...

So what are you waiting for? Get into golf - the coolest sport around - and

Let's play golf!

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