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Why Play Golf?

As players like Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and Graham McDowell have proved, golf is exciting to play, challenging and healthy and a great way to make new friends.


Like no other sport, it spans the generations and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Golf is different...

Golf is so different from other sports because:

    • There is so much variety within the game and no two rounds are the same - ever!
    • You can play the game individually, with others or as part of a team.
    • The golf handicap system means everyone can play as an equal.
    • Golf is great fun for girls and boys alike. It can be played equally as well by both.
    • It spans the generations - players can range from 4 years old to 70+
    • It is a great family game.
    • Every golf course is different and so there is always a new challenge in the next town!
    • It demands and promotes high standards of sportsmanship.
    • It allows you to make friends with other golfers wherever you play.

Golf is fun...
Golf is great fun too because:

    • It is a continual challenge.
    • It involves many skills and you need to combine power with finesse and accuracy.
    • It is great for meeting and making friends.
    • It provides opportunities to win prizes and competitions as your game improves.
    • You can play other courses and pit your skills against another challenge.
    • You can play in teams and with other players.
    • You can play on the same courses at the top players.

And golf is such fun because anyone can be a good golfer with the right guidance.

Golf offers range, variety
and thrills...
No other sport can offer such range and variety as golf and it can be the most thrilling game in the world - just watch Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia in action!

And some people still think golf is an old man's game - shame on them!

So what are you waiting for? Get in to golf!!


MKids Pro

MKids® Pro features progressive length, shaft flex, head size/weight, grip thickness, and loft. This combination makes MKids® Pro great for the improving player who has more strength and control over their game.

The highest specification club in junior golf

Grafalloy ProLaunch shafts, Lamkin grips, perfectly sized and lofted woods and stainless steel ‘SGX’ - Spin Groove System Irons blend together to create the ultimate junior golf club.
MKids® worked closely with Grafalloy - World leaders in golf shaft technology - to create the ultimate junior shaft. With 'launch monitor tuned technology' the shafts promote a high launch angle, giving shots optimum distance, with low torque bringing great consistency to all young golfers.

Designed specifically for players from 55"/130cm to 67"/170cm in height, with progressive length, shaft flex and grip thickness, makes MKids® Pro the perfect choice in terms of playability, control and ultimately confidence.
Tour quality grip, created specifically for MKids® in a range of sizes that grow in thickness with the length of the clubs, allowing kids to develop the perfect golf grip, as they promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability.

MKids® Pro features a Driver of 360cc and Irons that are 95% of the size of adult clubs. The Iron head design with perimeter weighting and 2° less loft than MKids® Lite Irons combine to bring all golfers optimum distance and ball flight.

View the MKids pro range here:


MKids Lite

YMG highly recommends MKids® Lite as it is designed specifically for the younger player in mind. Progressive lengths, shaft flex, grip thickness headsize, weight and loft unite to make MKids® Lite the perfect choice for playability, forgiveness, and ultimately confidence.

MKids® Lite is designed specifically for players from 43"/110cm to 55"/140cm in height. Considerable care has been taken to design the clubs with the younger player in mind. Progressive length, shaft flex, grip thickness, head size, weight, and loft unite to make MKids® Lite the perfect choice in terms of playability, forgiveness, and ultimately confidence.
Mkids 123
1. Quality Lamkin® Grips
Tour quality grip, created specifically for MKids® in a range of sizes that grow in thickness with the length of the clubs, allowing kids to develop the perfect golf grip as they promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability.
2. MKids® Launch Control Shaft
Designed to create a high launch angle and trajectory. Perfect for younger kids, allowing great flight and distance and giving greater consistency.
3. Progressive Weight, Size & Loft
MKids® Lite Irons are 90% of the size of adult clubs, and the head design with perimeter weighting and generous lofts all combine to make the perfectly flighted shot achievable by all young golfers. The Driver, Fairway and Hybrid have head sizes scaled with the length of the clubs creating optimum playability.
liteiron litehybridlitedriverlitelite s

View the full Mkids Lite range here:



Introduction to the Short Golf.

ShortGolf is the fun first-touch coaching and playing system with each element designed to emulate the real game of golf while making it easier and more fun.

ShortGolf has spread rapidly across the European market and is now proving a massive hit around the world through the R&A's international development programme.

Colourful over size clubs, soft balls and the innovative "sticky" targets combine with built in teaching and learning cues to accelerate skill development.

ShortGolf is safe and fun with limited space requirement and with the t-mat! you can play on any surface. ShortGolf has a very strong link to the real game with the advantages of early success but with enduring appeal and is an ideal feeder in to YMG.


How to get started

It's easy-peasy to get into golf!

Getting started in golf really is easy-peasy with Young Masters Golf.

DOWNLOAD: Pick up a leaflet from your local YMG Junior Golf Academy, or download* it here >>

Find a YMG Junior Academy near you...
All you have to do is find a YMG Academy club near you, and with hundreds of clubs and ranges all over the UK and Ireland already running the YMG Junior Golf Programme - and more joining all the time - it shouldn't be too difficult to find one close to where you live.

To find your nearest YMG Junior Academy now, simply visit our 'Find a YMG Club' page and search by the region or county you live in.

Joining in...
Once you've found one near you, simply contact the PGA Professional at the club (contact numbers are provided) and find out when they are starting their next YMG first level course, known as Cadets level. He or she will let you know when the next course begins and also give you some more information about what you can expect from a YMG course and how much it will cost. Then you can look forward to starting your great new golfing adventure.

And remember, you don't have to worry about golf equipment to start with, as most YMG Professionals will be able to help in getting you started with the equipment you'll need.

Where to join
You'll find a full list of participating clubs on the 'Find a Club' page.

In the unlikely event of there not being a YMG Academy close to your home at the moment, check back with us very soon because new clubs are joining the YMG Junior Golf programme all the time and the one right on your doorstep could be next to offer youngsters the very best possible start in golf.

Told you it was easy!

But who plays golf? If you're still not sure who plays golf click here>>

*Leaflet download requires Adobe© Reader

If you do not already have Adobe© Reader, you can download it for free by clicking above

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