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What to expect

What you can look forward to...

You can expect
to have brilliant fun with Young Masters Golf.

That's because YMG is dedicated to helping you learn virtually everything you need to know to become a good golfer.

With YMG you'll learn all about the many different shots you'll need to know and how to play them, as well as finding out about the fascinating rules and etiquette of golf (that's how to act when you're playing golf) and why they make the game unique and so much fun to play.

Once you've signed up with your local YMG Academy Golf Professional, you'll receive your superb YMG course folder (shown right), along with your unique Membership number and you can prepare yourself for:

Your first course...

Your first YMG course - the Cadets level - runs for 8 sessions of one hour each, where you'll also meet new friends like you keen to get into golf. Each subsequent level you take part in will also comprise 8 sessions of one hour, so that you'll build up the skills and knowledge you need to make golf your favourite sport.

Fun activities and challenges...

There are currently 5 levels of achievement in the first stage of YMG - Cadets, Cadet2, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels - and each level is full of brilliant fun activities and fascinating new things to discover.

During each level you will be set 7 different fun challenges. Pass 5 challenges and you will be able to move to the next stage and even more fun. What's more, when you successfully pass each level, you'll receive a cool YMG certificate in recognition of your achievements.

Then you can move onto the equally brilliant 'Masters' level

YMG is available near you...

60,000 youngsters throughout the UK and Ireland have already enjoyed taking part in the YMG Junior Golf Programme and discovering for themselves why golf is so much fun and one of the world's favourite sports.

What's more, the YMG Junior Golf programme is now available at hundreds of golf clubs and ranges all over the UK and Ireland, so there's sure to be a YMG Junior Golf Academy near you.

So why not join them!

With YMG you'll find out about loads more great golf stuff and you'll be ready to tackle and enjoy golf - the hottest new game for young people to play!

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